We offer SDA Robust houses to investors, meeting design standards and rental income needs. 

Since 2021, we provide SDA Robust house to investors. With the SDA Robust Certificate, we deliver houses which can meet both SDA design Standard and extra requirements from providers. Investors could gain fix rental income after our NDIS houses hand over to them and rented by NDIS providers. The design, the use of materials and features of our SDA houses minimise the risk of participants and carers and reduce the reactive maintenance during the rental period. MAC has successful managed the purchasing process of SDA property as simple as normal house & land.


Meanwhile, we also help investors to build High Physical and Improve Living SDA houses in the well-established area. MAC team has gained abundant experience on SDA house construction to deal with SDA assessors and other related authorities. MAC is built on persistence, passion, and pride to deliver perfect SDA houses to both investors and NDIS providers.